Parser 3.x test page

If you see this page, you have sucessfully installed Parser and trying to test it.

To see full paths to configuration files and DOCUMENT_ROOT comment out postprocess[] method.

If something is marked as red, then something is configured the wrong way or automatic detection is impossible (related to library files and codepages search with relative paths).

Global variables defined in config auto.p


koi8-r $charsetsdir/koi8-r.cfg (5104 Bytes)
windows-1251 $charsetsdir/windows-1251.cfg (5128 Bytes)


$SQL.drivers. Wrond data structure.
Probably TABs characters was replaced by spaces characters while manual editing configuration auto.p
Table content:
string protocWoldriverclient
1 mysql./lib/

DOCUMENT_ROOT: equal with test script directory (comment postprocess method for view)
Путь к скрипту: comment postprocess method for view
$response:charset: UTF-8
$request:charset: UTF-8
$request:uri: /_test_eng.html
$SQL.connect-string: defined
$MAIL.SMTP: undefined
/../data/classes/sql directory exist
/../data/classes/auth directory exist
/../data/classes/io directory exist
/../data/classes/utils directory exist
/../data/classes/engine directory exist
/../data/classes directory exist

Parser demo

Manipulations with cookie (class $cookie)

Read $cookie:test: undefined
Write to cookie value ABC $cookie:test[ABC] (press Reload)

Math operations (class $math)

^eval(3+9): 12
^math:random(1000): 340
^math:log(1000): 6.90775527898214
^math:log10(1000): 3
^math:uuid[]: 0A39D88C-8DBC-422F-A97E-51D79C43F5D1
^math:uid64[]: 0788FAAFC032288E
^math:md5[StRiNg]: ed4577017f40ccb66fcf09dda2fe2a3c
^math:crypt[StRiNg;$apr1$]: $apr1$S316muVK$jIP8Ns/dTONwR0SKlqqUb/
^math:crc32[StRiNg]: -1398522877

Strings manipulations (class $string)

Definition $str[АбвГде]
String length ^str.length[]: 6
Uppercase string ^str.upper[]: АБВГДЕ
Lowercase string ^str.lower[]: абвгде
First 2 chars ^str.left(2): Аб
Last 3 chars ^str.right(3): Где
Substring ^str.mid(1;3): бвГ
Position of 'б' char ^str.pos[б]: 1
Position of 'б' char starting from position 2 ^str.pos[б](2): -1
Position of 'X' char ^str.pos[X]: -1
Replacement substring 'вГ' to XX using match ^str.match[вГ][]{XX}: АбXXде
Replacement chars 'в' to 'Y', 'Г' to 'Z' using ^str.replace[$repl]: АбYZде
^str.trim[both;е]: АбвГд
^str.trim[start;е]: АбвГде
^str.trim[end;е]: АбвГд
^str.trim[left;е]: АбвГде
^str.trim[right;е]: АбвГд
^str.base64[]: 0JDQsdCy0JPQtNC1
^str.js-escape[]: %u0410%u0431%u0432%u0413%u0434%u0435
^str:js-unescape[%u0410%u0431%u0432%u0413%u0434%u0435]: АбвГде

Working with class $inet

^inet:aton[]: 167772162
^inet:aton[]: 3232235781

Form values manipulations (class $form)

$form:a: undefined
Safe conversion $form:a to integer: ^ 1
$form:b undefined
$form:qtail: undefined
click here to check reading form values

Manipulations with hash (class $hash)

}[<br />]

Checking item with key 'a' (^hash1.contains[a]): item with key 'a' exist

Manipulations with table (class $table)

$tbl1[^table::create{name	col1	col2
Vasya	3	5
Dima	4	14}]
$tbl1 rows quantity: 2
$tbl1 columns quantity: 3
Print columns:
string column
1 name
2 col1
3 col2

Print content $tbl1:
string namecol1col2
1 Vasya35
2 Dima414

$tbl2[^table::create{name	col1	col2
Vova	3	44}]
$tbl2 rows quantity: 1

join $tbl1 to $tbl2 [^tbl2.join[$tbl1]]
$tbl2 rows quantity ^tbl2.count[]: 3
Print table:
string namecol1col2
1 Vova344
2 Vasya35
3 Dima414

select table rows where col1 values are equal 3: ^$tbl2.col1 == 3)
string namecol1col2
1 Vova344
2 Vasya35

Making hash with tables (where hash keys are col1 values): $hData[^tbl2.hash[col1][$.distinct[tables]]]

Print hash data:
Key Value
string namecol1col2
1 Vova344
2 Vasya35
string namecol1col2
1 Dima414

Making hash with strings (where hash keys are col2 values and values are name values): $hData[^tbl2.hash[col2;name][$.type[string]]]

Print hash data:
Key Value
44 Vova
5 Vasya
14 Dima

Date manipulations (class $date)

$$now.month/$now.year ${now.hour}:${now.minute}:$now.second: 2/3/2024 15:55:13
$now.week: 9
$now.weekyear: 2024
Print now in sql format ^now.sql-string[]: 2024-03-02 15:55:13
Print now in UNIX timestamp format ^now.unix-timestamp[]: 1709384113
Print now in GMT format ^now.gmt-string[]: Sat, 02 Mar 2024 12:55:13 GMT
Number of last day in current month ^now.last-day[]: 31
Roll date to 5 days ahead ^now.roll[day](-5): 26/2/2024
Roll date to 30 days behind ^now.roll[day](30): 27/3/2024

Manipulations with files (class $file)

Write table $tbl1 to file _test.cfg (^[_test.cfg]): File created successfully
^file:dirname[/_test.cfg]: /
^file:basename[/_test.cfg]: _test.cfg
^file:justname[/_test.cfg]: _test
^file:justext[/_test.cfg]: cfg

Get saved file information $fstat[^file::stat[_test.cfg]]:
File size [$fstat.size]: 35
cdate: 2/3/2024
adate: 2/3/2024
mdate: 2/3/2024

Loading data into $tbl3 from file DOCUMENT_ROOT/_test.cfg and out table content ($tbl3[^table::load[_test.cfg]]):
string namecol1col2
1 Vasya35
2 Dima414

File copy (^file:copy[_test.cfg;_copy.cfg]): ok

File delete (^file:delete[_test.cfg]): ok

Working with class $hashfile

Create object: $hf [$hf[^hashfile::open[_test]]]: object was created sucessfully
Number of records: 28
Adding record (F7D205F9-B592-49D7-9F47-49B99799D146) for 3 days:

Cleanup hashfile from expired records (^hf.cleanup[]): ok

Print hashfile content (max 5 records):

Close hashfile files and release locks (^hf.release[]): ok

Manipulations with enviroment variables (class $env)

Variable Value Comment
For get values use $form class

HTTP_USER_AGENT CCBot/2.0 ( Browser USER_AGENT string
Filled if visitor come through proxy server

REMOTE_ADDR Visitors' IP address
PARSER_VERSION 3.4.6 (compiled on amd64-unknown-freebsd11.4) Parser3 version (if not defined - parser3 before 3.1.5)

Working with SQL

^int:sql{SELECT 2+2}: 4

Manipulations with XML

Create xdoc:

$document[^xdoc::create{<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
	<t attr="Hello" n="123"/>
	<t attr="Bye" n="234" n2="xxx"/>
Object xdoc created successfully.
Get <t /> elements $elements[^[//t]] :
<t /> elements quantity: 2
Print elements using foreach:
name: 't', type: '1', attributes quantity: '2', attributes: attr='Hello', n='123'
name: 't', type: '1', attributes quantity: '3', attributes: attr='Bye', n='234', n2='xxx'

Working with classes Status and Memory

Field Description Value
on start now after ^memory:compact[]
$status:rusage.utime (secs) process time 0.013052 0.022176 0.024858
$status:rusage.stime (secs) time for reading files 0.006526 0.007392 0.008286
$status:rusage.maxrss (blocks) memory, used by process 16308 16308 16308
$status:memory.used (KB) user 2188 2432 2240
$ (KB) free (fragmentated) 496 252 444
$status:memory.ever_allocated_since_compact (KB) allocated since last garbage collection 2773.5625 3095.265625 0
$status:memory.ever_allocated_since_start (KB) allocated since start 2773.5625 3095.265625 3095.96875