Konstantin Morshnev (MoKo):

“Can you create dynamic websites simply while maintaining full control over the process? With Parser, you can see for yourself.”

Alexander Petrossian (PAF):

“We were not aiming at creating something which could be used to program start of rocket to the Moon – only site creating, with all the peculiarity of the process. Language itself imposes no scheme to follow to create a site – author’s fantasy is the only limit.”

Konstantin Morshnev
Parser technology author and Parser 3 author

Alexander Petrossian (PAF)
Parser 3 author

Michael Petrushin (Misha v.3)
Parser 3 author

Many thanks (and what for):

Yury Matrosovich
for first site in Parser 3.0

Andrew Lechev
for active testing and suggestions on XML implementation

Serge Zolotukhin
for suggestions on simplification of external data transform

Paul Ivanov
for active testing of ISAPI extension

Oleg Volchkov
for intensive language testing

Sergey Kirpichev
for Debian package developing and support

and others Studio workers and not only them, for testing, suggestions and moral support.