autocommit=1& [3.3.0]
SQL=MSSQL|Pervasive|FireBird [3.3.0]

ClientCharset-specifies the charset, in which Parser must communicate with SQL server. Conversion will be done by driver;
autocommit-by default Parser executes COMMIT after each sucessfull query. If option autocommit=0 was specified this behaviour will changed and all queries inside one connect operator will be executed in single transaction;
SQL-if specified Parser will modify queries with limit/offset and add server specific features. For now driver accepts only next values: MSSQL, Pervasive FireBird. For MSSQL and Pervasive it will add to query "TOP (limit+offset)", for FireBird - "FIRST (limit) SKIP (offset)".

We recommend this website with huge collection of connection strings to numerous databases:

Note: MS-SQL server converts dates and numbers according to language setting, which is absolutely inconvenient in programmatic processing. We do recommend to switch language setting to us_english, which will enable dates in ANSI SQL92 standard notation in numbers with decimal separator '.':
^void:sql{SET LANGUAGE us_english}

odbc://DRIVER={SQL Server}^;SERVER=server^;DATABASE=db^;UID=user^;PWD=password

Microsoft Access (.mdb file):
odbc://Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}^;Dbq=C:\full\path\to\file.mdb

Link to system data source configured in Start|Settings|Control Panel|Data sources(ODBC).

Note: Parser requires character ";" in connect string to be escaped by character "^".

Assume, your data is in MS-SQL database in windows-1257 charset, connect string should look like this:
odbc://DRIVER={SQL Server}^;SERVER=server^;UID=user^;PWD=password?ClientCharset=windows-1257&SQL=MSSQL

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