iso-string. Converting date to string in ISO 8601 format   [3.4.4]

^date.iso-string[ $.colon(true/false) $.ms(false/false) $.z(false/true) ]   [3.4.5]

This method convert date to string in ISO 8601 format (example: 2002-04-29T12:00:00+03:00). This method is useful when date timezone should be kept.

Options hash can be specified:
·$.colon(true/false) - exclude the colon from the time zone (2002-04-29T12:00:00+0300). By default, do not exclude.  
·$.ms(false/true) - add milliseconds, always .000 (2002-04-29T12:00:00.000+03:00). By default, do not add.  
·$.z(false/true) - write the UTC time zone as 00:00 (2002-04-29T09:00:00+00:00). The default is Z (2002-04-29T09:00:00Z).  

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