stack. Methods call stack trace   [3.4.5]


Returns current stack of parser methods calls . For each stack frame the hash is returned, which contains object self, called method name, file name and line number where the method is defined.

Options hash can be specified:
·$.args(false/true) - to create args hash, containing parameters passed to the mehod. The default is not to create.  
·$.locals(false/true) - дополнительно создавать хеш locals, содержащий локальные переменные метода. По умолчанию не создавать.  
·$.limit(n) - to limit the numbed or returned stack frames. By default all stack frames are returned.  
·$.offset(o) - to return stack frames starting with the specified number. By default stack frames are returned starting with the first one.  


^json:string[^reflection:stack[ $.args(true) ]; $.indent(true) ]

some value]


         "value":"some value"

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