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Александр Петросян (PAF) 25.03.2005 17:49

regretfully, gdome lib author still considering my suggestions, so for now, you need to patch that lib a little.

read appropriate piece in INSTALL: Ctrl+F "patch".
and do not forget to copy couple of .h files, as described later in INSTALL.

  • parser-3.1.4 doesn't compile, martin kraus 25.03.2005 17:10
    • gdome_str_mkref_xml, Александр Петросян (PAF) [M] 25.03.2005 17:49
      • Answer, martin kraus 26.03.2005 15:15
        • unified patch, Александр Петросян (PAF) [M] 30.03.2005 10:20
          • Answer, martin kraus 30.03.2005 13:28