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Larrikin 18.04.2005 11:03 / 18.04.2005 11:04

My browser displays Parser code, not its result. What's wrong (I am using Apache web-server)?
Parser is not assigned as a handler of your documents after all.
To test whether Parser itself works, type this in your browser's address line:
http://your_site/cgi-bin/parser3.cgi (or .exe, for Win32 version) You should see something like this:

If you can see it, that means Parser is uploaded where it should have been, and its rights are set correctly.

If you have uploaded parser correctly, and you have not forgotten to put directives specified in documentation to .htaccess, you may have forgotten to allow Apache to process .htaccess in httpd.conf file by directive AllowOverride (see Apache documentation). To check whether .htaccess is processed, put there some arbitrary wrong instruction, say «mytest», to the very beginning of it. If, after page reload you do NOT see 500 error (which must appear if you configured everything right), that means you have .htaccess file ignored. Change AllowOverride directive or turn to your administrator.