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This seems great :)

majesteetti 20.03.2006 13:45

Parser seems really interesting project.
Im graphical designer, i make mostly web and print ads. Usually i have usen readymade cms like Joomla or Modx etc. But now i think i should start learnign parser and start doing my own stuff :)
Great job dudes thank you :) If you ever visit Vuokatti in Finland i will buy u beer :) thanks thanks and thanks again.

Parser is great for people who dont wanna learn loats of php and mysql to do something. I really like this.

ps. i think that it could be good idea to show somekind of administrating system coded by parser? That was only thing i missed here, docs were good and nice showcases really (alltought what can u expect from Art Lebedev Studio, so good quality was not suprise :D ).

  • This seems great :), majesteetti 20.03.2006 13:45