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Enable to setup Parser 3.4.5 on IIS 8.5

Jose Terreiro 30.10.2018 15:29


I would like to have Parser (version 3.4.5) running on Internet Information Service (v. 8.5).

I did follow the instructions on "Installing Parser on web-server IIS, version 5.0 or higher", unfortunately without success. I suspect IIS 8.5 version has slightly different steps, and requires some additional "tweaks".

Also tried different locations for the Parser scripts: "C:\Program Files\", "C:\", and "C:\inetpub\". Same result.

When accessing localhost/"index.html" test page (following lesson 1) and "_test.html" I did get respectively the following messages:

- "^navigation[]", and

- "# To make this test work, Parser should be made a processor of documents with this extention, what now is not observed. #"

I find Parser a quite elegant tool, and I am addressing this forum as a last resource to have it running on my system.

Thank you for your feedback.

Jose Terreiro

  • Enable to setup Parser 3.4.5 on IIS 8.5, Jose Terreiro 30.10.2018 15:29