FreeBSD 12.x

*nix setup

Download archive with CGI script.

Install it (see below).

Download archive “Configuration file and charset defenition files” and unpack to folder with main executable file archive.

If you need to work with XML, choose appropriate alternative.


Put file parser3.cgi to cgi-bin folder of your web-site (while uploading it using ftp you must to do it in binary mode);

Set necessary rights (ask your hosting provider for details, but usually it's - 755);

Create in root folder of your site file .htaccess and add these commands to it:

# assign parser as .html pages handler:
AddHandler parsed-html html
Action parsed-html /cgi-bin/parser3.cgi
# disable access to .cfg and .p files:
<Files ~ "\.(p|cfg)$">
Order allow,deny
Deny from all

Note: default Apache server configration does not allow to use .htaccess files.

SQL drivers setup

Download archives with SQL drivers you need and unpack them to directory {where you have installed Configuration file}/lib

for 64-bit OS

parser3_4_6_freebsd121Rx64.tar.gz (27.01.2021  2.2 MB)
Installation package. Includes CGI script, configuration file, charset defenition files, drivers, client libraries

parser3_4_6_freebsd121Rx64_cgi_xml.tar.gz (27.01.2021  1.1 MB)
CGI script

parser3sql_10_8_freebsd121Rx64_mysql.tar.gz (27.01.2021  22.3 KB)
SQL driver for MySQL

parser3sql_10_4_freebsd121Rx64_sqlite.tar.gz (27.01.2021  21 KB)
SQL driver for SQLite

parser3sql_10_6_freebsd121Rx64_pgsql.tar.gz (27.01.2021  23.1 KB)
SQL driver for PostgreSQL

parser3conf_1_6_20210120_unix.tar.gz (20.01.2021  8.2 KB)
Configuration file and charset defenition files