Format commands description

Forum does not support tags. If you would type a <b>text</b> in the message body, it is exactly as it will be shown.

Forum supports these format commands:

  • strings starting with http://, ftp:// or mailto: ar automatically converted to hyperlinks.
    That is if you would type in it would became:
  • [code]
    some code like:
    text would be emphasized and shown with custom formatting:
    some code like:
  • [b]bold[/b] => bold
  • [i]italics[/i] => italics
  • text [color="red"]red[/color] text=> text red text
  • [url="http://link"]hyperlink[/url] would be converted to hyperlink, that is if you would type [url=""]Docs here[/url], then this will be displayed as: Docs here
  • [quote]quote[/quote] =>