Encrypting e-mail to be output into mailto-links

Author: [January 17, 2006]
Version: 1.05
Tags: E-mail


This method encrypts the received e-mail details. The encryption type will vary.

email — the email address to be encrypted
type —type of result: html [by default] or xml
title or $parameters.title — the link’s title
$parameters.subject — the e-mail’s subject (?subject=...)
$parameters.attributes — extra attributes for link tag <a />

If type is xml, the method will return this string:

For type html the returned string will be:
<script type="text/javascript">document.write('em'+'ail')</script>


This method encrypts all e-mail links in the received text.

Example of use in @postprocess[]:


Note: Only links of type <a href="..."...>...</a> will be processed.

Download: (05.06.2006  927 bytes)
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